Salad Bowls

Miso eggplant, soba noodles, crunchy green slaw, pickled onion, kumatoes, basil, dashi dressing (V, GF, DF)$18

Grilled broccoli, farro, sweet peas, snow pea tendrils, avocado, radish, poppy seed, sesame seed, pistachio nut, sheep’s curd, mint verdi (V)$18

Roast pumpkin, lentils, fresh herbs, chard chilli, house fermented cabbage, paprika, coyo, brussel sprouts, almond dukkah (V, GF, DF)$18

Grilled peaches ,mangoes,
baby corn, chickpeas, kale ,pickled onions, ricotta & buckwheat cracker with rosemary , balsamic & olive oil. (V, GF, DF)$16


Chicken Breast/ Marinated tofu$4
Seared tuna$6

Poke Bowl

Salmon, avocado, sea grapes, chickpea miso, shallots, carrot, edamame beans, wild rice (GF, DF)$22

Lobster Roll

Lobster roll, charcoal bagel, confit fennel, avo, baby herbs, snow pea tendrils, finger lime, lotus crisps$26

Prawn Cocktail Roll

Fresh prawns & avocado, finger lime with house cocktail sauce $26

Filled Bagels

Vegan bagel, eggplant, pomegranate hummus, kale, picked onion, almond dukkah$14

Poached chicken, green slaw, avo, basil aioli$14

Wagyu beef, house kimchi, cheese, sriracha mayo$14