Sourdough plain, miche or fig & cranberry toast $6

7 flour gluten free add $2

w/ pepa saya cultured butter


Wattle macadamia peanut butter, forest fruit jam, vegemite, yellow box eucalyptus honey


Poached eggs$6
Smashed avo w/yuzu sesame$3
Persian fetta$2

Pork belly & egg burger
Eggs sunny side up, pork belly, tomato relish and pickled onion$10

Mashed mint peas, miche sourdough, Persian fetta, poached eggs, almonds, preserved lemon, soft herbs, hummus (V, GF option)$16

Wild mushroom, sheeps curd, aged provolone, chive sourdough$12

Coconut chia pudding, coyo, pistachio, figs$10

Breakfast bowl, quinoa, poached eggs, relish, sautéed kale, crushed nut, kimchi (V,GF option)$12

Breakfast bowl of sautéed greens, brocollini, avo, house kimchi, spiced black rice, quinoa, slow egg, marinated tofu (V, GF)$14